Hi, I’m Jaslyne, an essential oil junkie, foodie, expat, wife, mom, and passionista for finding a healthy balance in life! I believe that true wellness comes when everything in life is in balance: Mind, Body, Spirit, Home, and Mother Earth

The 5 Pillars of a  ‘Quintessential Life’

Health Mind
Journalling, mindfulness, gratitude – there are so many options to keep you mind sharp, focused and aligned to your purpose.  I love to feed my mind with Podcasts and self-development books daily.  See the Blog for some of my favorites.

Healthy Body
“Let FOOD be thy medicine” – Hippcrates This is what I truly believe,  I remind myself that everytime I eat it’s a chance to nourish my body.  See the recipes section here for delicious nutrition.  Exercise is also integral to my day (see my daily routine on the blog), everyday I find at least one opportunity to sweat!

Healthy Spirit
Kindness & Compassion – love yourself and love others. Whether you believe in Chakras, the Universe or any higher power. I believe the Universe does have my back and that life is happening for me.  Keep your spirit light and loving.

Healthy Home
Having an orderly home is very soothing for my soul.  I love to purge (that might sound disturbing) but I really love a clean closet and nicely folded drawers (yes Marie Kondo style!).  Diffusing essential oils in my home daily supports a beautiful mood and cleans the air. House plants offer a visually appealing decoration, but also purify the air.

Healthy Earth
Living on a small island in the middle of the ocean,  I am even more acutely aware of the impact we all have on our environment.  I take my grocery and produce bags to the grocery, recycle & upcycle, and use toxic free cleaners.  There is so much we can do – and I just want to do my part.

This is not about perfection, but intention.  I am not going to say I never indulge in something sugary, or that I don’t have a ‘junk drawer’ in the kitchen,and don’t loose my ‘cool’,  but I am clear about what I want my life to look like..and so I have tools, reminders and habits that keep me on track. Through practice and dedication I learned to create the balance I was looking for.  Over the years of implementing this lifestyle I also found a passion for helping others to do the same.

Essential oils are a foundation for me in all areas of my wellness. I invite you to explore the Get Oils to learn more about how you can integrate these beautiful gifts of the earth into your life.