Bath Time Bliss:


I know – you are saying who has time for a bath? Truth is you do, and your body will thank you for this 20 minutes detox and relaxation. 

2-3 cups Epsom salts

½ cup baking soda

10 drops of your fav oils (I love frank and lavender before bed), but juniper berry & sandalwood can also be great.

Qlife-tip: put the essential oils onto the Epson salts before you add to the bath so they don’t just sit on top of the water.  Remember essential oils are aromatic and you don’t want all that natural goodness to just diffuse into the air (although that is totally part of the experience too, the magical aroma will fill the bathroom…inhale deeply!).

Qlife-tip: put oils into the Epson salts and rub a bit over your skin for a pre-tub exfoliation – nice skin babe.