My Morning Oil Routine

Good morning!! I love my morning routine – mornings are the protected time of day just for me, to make sure I move my body, rehydrate and find that beautiful mindset for the day.


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My Favorite Supplements

I believe supplementation is key to optimal health.  While food is our medicine, unfortunately our food source is just not as rich in vitamins and minerals as it once was due to the depletion of soil conditions.


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Green Cleaning Tips

Do you know what toxic chemicals lurk under your sink? Did you know the air pollution in your home is 2-5 times more polluted than outside? A few simple changes can have you breathing easy again…


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My Evening Oil Routine

Set diffusers in bedrooms –  Breathe and Serenity are our favorites
Once a week I try to do a ‘self-care’ bath.


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Dry Brushing

You likely look after the skin on your face, but the skin on your body needs love too.


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Sinus congestion?

3 hacks!
I used to get 3-4 sinus infections a year (chronic sinusitis) ,


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Bath time bliss:

I know – you are saying who has time for a bath? Truth is you do, and your body will thank you for this 20 minutes detox and relaxation.


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Feed your mind

“The capacity to learn is a gift”, the ability to learn is a ‘skill’, the willingness to learn is a choice’


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Plan for success – Eat Well, Travel Often

I love my daily routines (see my blog on daily and evening routines), so when I travel and try not to get too far off course.


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Travel Smart

Essential Oils have so many applications, they can be used for anything from mood support, digestion to first aid.  This is why my 1 gallon ziplock (as permitted by the TSA) is always full of my favorite oils.


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2 Minute Chocolate Mediation

Okay, I know everyone is talking about meditation, but seriously, if that trying to focus on your breath seems like a stretch for you….try this!


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My philosophy on food is ‘ everything in balance’ – there are so many ways to ‘diet’ but ultimately we all agree on a plate with lots of veggies! If you eat meat – make it sustainable, humanely sourced

Ensure you are eating from a plate with clean protein, good fat, fiber and greens to make sure you are meeting your body’s needs…and don’t forget to supplement. See the Blog on my favorite supplements (LINK)

I choose organic whenever I can – but look for the clean 15 ( foods that don’t have to be organic because they are generally grown with less chemicals

I love to use the Plan to Eat app to track all my fav recipes – join me there (Link)

Cottage Hummus

Almond flour Banana Bread

Dress the lettuce right!

Qlife green goddess dressing

Overnight oats & chia pudding

Butternut squash soup

Chocolate Date Coconut balls

Mint Chip Smoothie!

Blueberry Lemon Smoothie

QLife Laundry soap

Clean those Veggies!

Zucchini Lemon Loaf

Dry shampoo


Scare blend