Over 20 years ago I graduated University and started my professional career as a CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant – Canada), working with a global accounting firm.  One day I saw a job posting ‘ 2 year secondment opportunity on an island’ – I had always known I wanted to travel, just hadn’t known where.  I applied for this secondment and was hired! My husband and I were on our way to an Island we had never been to before … fast forward 18 years later we are still here!

I am still working with the same accounting firm, but now in Human Capital ( guess I was a people person all along :0),  we have 2 teenage daughters and one old rescue dog.  Honestly, I am blessed to have had the career I have had to this point, but the one first essential oil class I went to created a trajectory for my life I would have never expected.

The introduction of essentials oils showed me a community that was passionate about living a simpler more natural way, and I was immediately hooked.  About a year later I discovered doTerra and there was another fundamental shift – a shift to realizing there was another way to integrate work that you love and your passion – Say what?? You will no doubt have heard conversation about living your purpose and I believe that I have found mine in working with doTerra to share natural solutions with friends and families all over the world.


I could see how this work would create more time freedom, more creativity and more fulfillment.


  • Work for yourself and have our team at your side. Dare greatly, find your purpose and help others live their best life
  • Build this business alongside whatever you do – oils for dental practitioners, oils for yoga/fitness instructors/ oils for real estate agents/ the possibilities are truly limitless.
  • Create residual income, even when you are not working you can still be earning money, not many entrepreneurs get paid vacation.
  • If you have oils & wifi you have a global business opportunity!

“ Create the highest grandest vision possible for your life…because you become what you believe” – Oprah

doTerra gives you every tool you can imagine to guide the way – see the Empowered success area of the website : https://www.doterra.com/US/en/empowered-success

Show up! Do something today your future self will thank you for.

Jaslyne is a ‘Certified Essential Oil Coach’ (AADP)