Dry Brushing


You likely look after the skin on your face, but the skin on your body needs love too. Dry brushing is Just like it sounds, use a dry brush you exfoliate your skin and stimulate your lymph nodes.  I dry brush most mornings in the shower while I wait for the water to get warm, even though I live in the Caribbean it still takes time for the shower water to warm up!  There are many kinds of dry brushes, I like a small hand held that fits in my palm.  There are also long handheld brushes that you can use to give your back a little scrub too. With long, firm, upward strokes you work from your feet and move towards your heart.  You can do circular motions on those ‘stubborn cellulite spots’ like your bum to encourage extra circulation :0) As you get to your arms and chest always keep strokes moving towards the heart.  Do this for 2-3 min and watch your skin come alive.  DDR prime is an excellent cellular support blend oil that you can add to your skin brushing routing. Add a skin loving oil (There are so many; lavender, Frankincense, Rose).   After showering I use doTerra’s Body Lotion and add Slim n’ Sassy, or maybe a Lavender, Frank and Wild orange blend to invigorate and moisturize.


Qlife-tip: Keep your ‘dry’ brush dry between uses