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What are Essential oils?  Essential oils are not like your common olive or jojoba oil at all, they are actually not really an oil, but rather an aromatic compound.  Essential oils are a distillation of a plant’s roots, bark, leaves, flowers, seeds etc. to harness the ‘essence’.  Essential oils offer us natural solutions , that empower self care and preventative care for your whole mind, body spirit, home & earth

3 Cool things about Essential Oils

Essential oils are 100% safe and natural. Essential oils are 50-70% more potent than herbs (those oils that are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade ‘CPTG’ only). CPTG means that the essential oil is pure plant, nothing added, nothing taken away. Safe for everyone in your family!

doTerra Essential oils are more effective than many modern approaches, no side effects! Our bodies are nature and essential oils are nature – we work synergistically together. Our bodies don’t welcome synthetic solutions.

Cheaper than traditional medicine, more convenient as well.  Having Essential oils in your home can truly make you the CEO of your own (and your family’s) health. There are easy to follow recipes (many here in this website and on that you can use to create wellness for all members of the family (even your pet!) with a few simple ingredients.

How to use Essential Oils?

There are three ways to use essential oils


You can experience benefits like purified air, emotional support, and feelings of clear breathing.  Diffusing can be done in a cool mist water diffuser, but simply to just put a few drops of the oil in the palm of your hand, rub hands together and cup over your nose – inhale deeply.  One favorite way is to put a drop on the shower floor (peppermint of course for me! ) and inhale the openness!


The key to topical application of essential oils dilution is key.  Dilution simply means that you apply the oils with a carrier oil (fractionated coconut, jojoba, almond etc.).  Some oils can be applied neat to the skin, like lavender.  Some oils are ‘hot’ oils, spicy – Oregano, Cinnamon etc.  and cause a skin sensitivity.


When it comes to internal use of essential oils, please ensure you understand the quality and sourcing of what’s in the bottle. doTerra essential oils are the only essential oils that I would take internally. See the Blog and recipe section for all my tips on internal use.

Transparency is at the heart of doTerra’s sourcing model see more here:

Oils can be used in all aspects of a Quintessential Life, here are just a few examples:

  • Mind – Frankincense & Wild orange for focus and clarity
  • Body – Slim n’ Sassy, Deep Blue for aches, Breathe for sinus, respiratory support
  • Spirit – Yoga collection (special blends)
  • Home – On guard, Lemon, Peppermint – DIY solutions for cleaning products
  • Earth – Natural health, beauty, cleaning products reducing the synthetic toxins released into the air, water, soil.

See my Top 3 (LINK) to see more options for three of our favorite essential oils ( Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint).  There are literally 100’s of uses.  Join my online classes to learn more (see events calendar)!

My favorites:

Peppermint Essential Oil – one drop of this oil will make you say ‘wow’.  I love the clean, sharp, pure sensation of this oil.  I will often roll this on the back of my neck and add a few drops to a smoothie!

Lifelong Vitality Supplements – these supplements keep provide a foundation for my physical well being. Vitamins, Minerals, Omegas, and other nutrients coming from green tea extract,  pomegranate seed extract,  to name a few.  Of course you need to take the supplements to work, and here’s my tip – buy yourself a daily pill container and once a week set out all the supplements, then take with you for the day, so no matter where you take our lunch or dinner you have your supplements ready to go.

Know your oils

Not all essential oils are created equally. How do you know your oils are pure?  Purity is doTerra’s passion – see this website dedicated to sharing with you the customer, the quality and purity in each bottle of doTerra’s oil.  Source to you (  The Co-impact Sourcing model that doterra uses ensures that the plant material used for the essential oils are grown in optimal, native conditions, working together with the farmers who know the land.  doTerra creates jobs, community resources and true impact on the lives of those that bring us these beautiful gifts of nature.

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