Green Cleaning Tips

Do you know what toxic chemicals lurk under your sink? Did you know the air pollution in your home is 2-5 times more polluted than outside? A few simple changes can have you breathing easy again…

Why is the air more polluted inside? Our furniture ‘off-gases’, we recycle air through air conditioning vs opening windows, we use toxic cleaners, air fresheners that we might think are taking the ‘stink out’.

What can you do?

Understand how to read the labels.  I use two sources for reference.  ‘Think Dirty’ app, and EWG App.

Using these reference guides look at the barcode and the app will show you the toxicity level rating.  My general rule is to avoid anything with the word ‘Fragrance’.  Fragrance can have hundreds of different chemicals and does not have to be listed – so you really don’t know what you are getting – except it is not good for you!

‘When you know better you can do better’  Replace toxic cleaners and air fresheners with more natural solutions.  I use a few simple ingredients (baking soda, vinegar, castile soap) and  my On Guard concentrate and doTerra essential oils for all my cleaning needs.  I diffuse essential oils in place of harmful sprays and wall plugs.  The best part is that green cleaning is super cost effective.  A bottle of prepared doTerra all purpose cleaner costs less than $2.50!

Add real house plants to help purify the air,  try a boston fern, spider plant, peace-lily ,  or really anything you can keep alive!

Another favorite for the laundry room is using wool dryer balls.  These balls ( usually sold in a pack of 6) are 100% natural wool, you simply leave them in the dryer and they help reduce static and soften clothes. They are inexpensive, lasting for 1000 loads!  If you still like a little scent to your laundry, at the end of the cycle – remove a dryer ball and add 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil.  Toss back in the dryer on fluff for 5 min.

See the blog for DIY recipes for Veggie Spray & Laundry soap and more!