My evening oil routine

Set diffusers in bedrooms –  Breathe and Serenity are our favorites

Once a week I try to do a ‘self-care’ bath (see the Blog for details on bathtime).

Wash face with doTerra Essential Skin collection ( as well as 2 drops Yarrow Pom to the moisturizer).  Roll Rose Touch or Immortelle around the eye area, forehead – smile lines!

Take evening supplements,  PB Assist probiotic, Magnesium & either a Turmeric or Copaiba softgel.

If I need a little extra help to fall asleep I will roll on Adaptive (calming blend), or take a Serenity softgel and listen to a sleep meditation on the Calm app.

Qlife-tip: make sure to end screen time at least 1 hr before bed – blue light from your devices reduces natural melatonin production ( the hormone that helps you sleep), as well stop eating at least 3 hrs before bed.  Your body needs a good 12 hr window to focus energy on digestion.

Sweet dreams.