My Favourite supplements

I believe supplementation is key to optimal health.  While food is our medicine, unfortunately our food source is just not as rich in vitamins and minerals as it once was due to the depletion of soil conditions.

As well our modern diets, rushed eating, sodas, fried and fast foods are lacking and can even deplete our bodies of necessary nutrients.

doTerra’s Lifelong Vitality Pack supplements provide a full spectrum of bioavailable vitamins and minerals for maximum absorption.  This is super key, as most people who don’t think supplements are a good idea is because so many on the market are not properly welcomed by our bodies and it just becomes ‘expensive’ pee! If you are going to supplement, you must look for the highest quality.

LLV includes critical omegas, botanicals and essential oils to provide cellular energy and improve  metabolic function and so much more.  LLV is free of GMOs and dairy free.

Taking supplements however doesn’t replace a poor diet, I still try to eat as much whole foods as possible, avoid sugar where possible and choose organic when there is a choice.  Organic is more  expensive, but over the last few years it has increased in demand and so will naturally become less expensive, everyday you vote with your wallet, choose organic and that sends a message that anything else is not acceptable.  If you are on a budget and want to choose organic strategically you can use the EWG (Environment Working Group’s) list on ‘Clean 15’ and ‘Dirty Dozen’ .  This non for profit group helps us consumers understand how much pesticides are being used on our favorite foods and so you can make sure to get organic for those on the Dirty dozen list and choose for the Clean 15.

Terrazyme is a blend of active whole-food enzymes that support the body’s digestive function.  Unless you practice perfect food combinations, it is difficult for your body to properly digest and process all fats, carbs, sugars and fiber that you throw at it.

My supplement routine:

  • Morning – LLV, Terrazyme, Mito2Max
  • Lunch – LLV, Terrazyme
  • Bedtime – PB Assist probiotic, Magnesium & either a Turmeric or Copaiba softgel.


I use a pill organizer (as pictured) to keep track – it does seem like a lot of supplements when you first start, but you will see and feel the benefits and never look back. Take the 30 day challenge!