My morning oil routine

Good morning!! I love my morning routine – mornings are the protected time of day just for me, to make sure I move my body, rehydrate and find that beautiful mindset for the day.  Did you know that science shows that having a morning routine sets the tone for your whole day.  For example, if you start with a sugary breakfast you are more apt to crave sugar all day long.

My morning routine did not always look this way, I built one healthy habit daily, recognized the benefits – made it stick.   Like anything, you don’t change everything overnight, but take one intentional step forward daily.  That’s where I began too! I picked something of interest, added to my routine, and saw the rewards of my efforts – it easily became a habit.


  • Wake up (at least 3 hrs before I need to leave for work)
  • Tounge scrape and brush my teeth with On guard toothpaste/mouthwash ( See Tongue scraping blog)
  • Set diffuser in Kitchen ( Lemongrass, Citrus Bliss, Grapefruit)
  • Fill water glass bottle with water & 2 drops Green Mandarine Essential Oil (or other citrus oil)
  • Make a tea (green or peppermint)
  • Make lemon water shot – ½ squeezed lemon, tsp ACV top with warm water and drink
  • Move! Do 30-45 min of cardio or yoga
  • Make Smoothies (a different one for each member of the family) and lunch for the day. See Blog/Recipes for ideas!
  • Shower – using doTerra Shampoo & Conditioner. I had a couple extra drops of Peppermint & Rosemary to my conditioner and massage my scalp.
  • Apply 3 drops Slim n’ Sassy, and 2 pumps of Yarrow Pom serum to my doTerra Moisturizer – apply to legs, arms etc.  Roll DDR prime on my breasts, roll Clary Calm over abdomen
  • Tone, moisturize my face with doTerra’s Essential Skin collection
  • Take Lifelong Vitality Pack-LLV, Terrazyme and Mito2max supplements
  • Take 3- 10 minutes for mindset work ( Listen to a audio track for inspiration)