Plan for success – Eat Well, Travel Often


I love my daily routines (see my blog on daily and evening routines), so when I travel and try not to get too far off course.  The first thing I pack is my diffuser – a small one that will help create a sense of comfort in the hotel, and offer some air cleansing! I also use my On Guard hand sanitizer to wipe down the remote control, phone and other areas of the hotel room.  The Serenity linen mist is great to spritz down your sheets and pillow before  you climb into that ‘borrowed’ bed!

Refer to my ‘Travel Smart’ Blog for the oils I take with me.

The next thing I pack is food. I try to avoid packaged foods generally, but when travelling sometimes it’s necessary, so I look for those with a clean ingredient list I can pronounce.  I always have a few servings of my favorite organic plant based protein powder, grab a bottle of coconut water and I have a quick breakfast or lunch option. I generally also empty the crisper in the fridge and make a salad to go.  If you put the dressing (see a couple easy salad dressing recipes in the blog) on just before you head out the door  – it will still be good to eat on the plane and you don’t have to worry about the liquid through security.  Make sure to use a container with a snap lid so you don’t have an oily mess on your hands.  Also pack your bamboo (or other reusable cutlery) this is great to make sure you don’t have to use plastic take out ones.

Eating out well can be tricky, so plan ahead by using an app like Yelp – so you can preview the menu.  This is especially helpful if you are going out with a group and you don’t get to pick the restaurant,  at least you can plan what to have so you aren’t just tempted by the first thing you see.  Most restaurants are used to catering for people with allergies now, so don’t be afraid to just ask for something simple like a protein and steamed veggies even if it isn’t on the menu.  I also love to read reviews for local options (not national chains) to see what they offer – it will generally have fresher ingredients, a much more interesting experience and you are supporting an entrepreneur.

Plan for activity, pack those sneakers! Most hotels have a gym, but they are not always great – so I have a few workouts on my phone that I can do on the road – simple body weight resistance cardio or a yoga routine.  It’s super easy to pack a rubber tension band in your carryon too – they take up no space, weigh nothing – but give you a little extra resistance.  If you are near a park or in a neighborhood go for a walk and explore the sights.

Another must have is a small amount of castile soap – I like the Dr. Bonners  travel size that can be used for soooo many things.  I will use it to wash out a stain off a shirt, wash my to go cutlery and even have it hand to wash my hands etc should you end up in a poorly stocked public washroom!

Bon Voyage!