The ‘What the…Wellness’ podcast collaboration with a great friend Jackie Myles.  Jackie and I have been friends and work colleagues for years and we started simply sharing and challenging each other to take our wellness to the next level.  Some of it came naturally and some not so much.  Now we want to share all this goodness with you through our episodes. Our goal is to help you consider what wellness means to you, how to turn that into a vision so you can then be intentional everyday to get there!   We want to introduce you to some interesting people we’ve met along the way, who are pros in their own genius! So when you’ve got a few minutes …we’ve got something we want to tell you about and it just might turn your What the…. into Wellness.

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We would love to get your feedback and tell us what other topics you would love to hear about, Guest speaker have interesting topics to share and of course what you took from an episode that turned your.
What the … into Wellness!