Sinus congestion?


3 hacks!


I used to get 3-4 sinus infections a year (chronic sinusitis) , and then would land at the ENT doctor complaining that my teeth hurt my sinuses were so painful and blocked.  I would go on a round of antibiotics, it would clear up…and then it would be back.  The ENT described a procedure that would ‘fix’ me…hello Neti Pot!

I was really willing to try anything to clear up my sinus issue, but surgery was only a last resort. When I first heard about a Neti Pot I said – no way, totally gross! Then I had a friend tell me they used it all the time, especially after travelling, and then the more I enquired I realized it was more common and less ‘gross’ that I thought. So I bought this cute little blue tea pot, added some purified water, the salt solution and proceeded to inflict the feeling of drowning on myself (those are the instructions -no kidding) until the water I put up one nostril came out the other. Still with me – sorry about that!

About this time Essential oils came into my life. Enter doTerra Breathe respiratory blend. I use this a few ways when I feel the sinuses starting to become compromised, I take a bowl of steaming hot water with 4 drops Breathe and inhale, this opens the airway beautifully (have your tissues handy – that nose is gonna run).

Also I will have On Guard and Breath in the diffuser going.  On Guard is a powerful immune booster so helping fight the thing that started the sinuses backing up in the first place.

I am happy to say I haven’t been to the doctor for a sinus infection for over 4 years, sure I have had a few head colds come on and they start in my sinuses, but in a couple days I can totally manage it and keep it from developing into an infection.