Travel Smart


Essential Oils have so many applications, they can be used for anything from mood support, digestion to first aid.  This is why my 1 gallon ziplock (as permitted by the TSA) is always full of my favorite oils.  Yes you can travel with these, they are under the allowed 3 oz and doTerra even did some testing to show that the scanners at security didn’t impact the integrity of the oils.  Remember, always store your oils in a dark, cool place, no direct sunlight or heat.

These are a few of my favorites:

  • Adaptive – Calming blend, this is great for any travel stress or anxiety
  • Peppermint – peppermint is one of my favorites, I love to rub on my neck for a cooling sensation, add a bit of warm water to soothe a stomach, or just inhale to open airways.
  • CorrectX – this is a must, for bites, burns, blisters, scrapes – keeps it clean and offers support for healing
  • On guard toothpaste – to freshen on the way. I always have a toothbrush in my carry on – you just never know if your luggage and toiletries will arrive on the other side!
  • Oregano – I don’t often use this one, but when you need it – you will be so glad to have it with you. Oregano is anti-viral and whenever you feel like you need a boost -roll on the bottom of your feet before bed.
  • On Guard hand sanitizer – think this is self -explanatory, but can be used for lots of things besides your hands… – use to wipe down the tray on the airplane.  Spray a bit on a cloth and use to clean the remote control or phone in the hotel room :0)
  • Wild orange – I love this one in my water, especially when travelling and you sometimes have to get water from a fountain etc. it makes it more enjoyable to drink and is so cleansing – keeping that body tuned up!
  • Lip balm – this is for sure my fav lip balm I have ever used
  • I would also have Digestzen gel caps in my carry-on , a must for an indigestion from unfamiliar or spicy foods, and even motion sickness.  Peppermint is awesome for motion sickness too – just roll on wrists and back of neck – and do a nice long inhalation.
  • On Guard gel caps – before I leave the house and when I arrive – at least 2 daily while travelling to support my immune system.

Happy Travels everyone!